Allah vs God

Who is Allah? Who is God? I have heard people say a lot of negative stuff about Allah, while all the while saying a lot of positive things about God. Let’s get this straight – Allah and God are not names. The word “God” is not His name. “God”, rather is a descriptive word. There […]

Can Anyone Be Righteous?

It is a “key” verse to the evangelical – “There is none righteous – no, not one” Some evangelical preachers use this verse to say that nobody is righteous, and that only Jesus was righteous. They say that nobody can obey the law. Only Jesus can obey the law. They say that Jesus obeyed the […]

Are We Really Saved By Grace, Not Works?

We hear it all the time: “We are saved by grace, not by works, lest any man should boast” And indeed, Paul did write that. But how far are we supposed to take that? Is this verse meant to override the rest of the Word of God? Does it really mean what it looks like […]

10 Checkpoints

Introduction The purpose of this publication is to educate, edify, and encourage you – to call you to a higher standard, and to facilitate a complete resurrection, and restoration within the church as the Lord prescribes via scripture. If you have a heart for God… if you believe that the Bible provides us with the […]

Old Testament vs New Testament

Is the Old Testament still relevant today? What is the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament? Knowing the differences between the Old Testament and New Testament is foundational. Your belief on this subject is the root of your entire walk with the Lord. This subject is vital. Everything about your walk with […]

To Judge or Not to Judge

Many people like to quote Jesus, “Judge not!” (Matthew 7) But what they are really saying is, “Don’t tell me that I’m wrong. I love my sin. Don’t touch my sin. Don’t try to take this away from me. I love it so much.” They become like animals in their inordinate behavior and their love […]

Does Jesus’ Blood Cover Your Sin?

Jesus blood covers all your sin! Everyone sins. After you have received Jesus as Lord and Savior, then all the sin that you commit is “covered”. That is a concept taught in many Christian circles, but is it true? Many would be shocked to realize that nowhere in the scriptures does it say that Jesus’ […]