Hillsongs’ Pastor Brian RE: Gay Marriage

I happened across an article written by Pastor Brian from Hillsong Church. You can find that article here: http://hillsong.com/media/statement-re-recent-media-comments-on-homosexuality In the article, he attempts to clarify a statement he made earlier regarding his stand on gay marriage. Pastor Brian begins by saying, “My personal view on the subject of homosexuality would line up with most […]

Faith Without Works vs Satan

You believe in God?You believe Jesus died on the cross?You believe Jesus rose again? You read the Bible? You pray? You go to church? You must be a Christian? WRONG! Try again!Satan knows there is a God.Satan knows Jesus died on the cross. Satan knows Jesus rose again. Satan knows the Bible. Satan prays. Satan […]

Would Jesus Support the Death Penalty?

Background Jesus did not first come into being through Mary. Sure, Mary played a vital role in the incarnation of the Word of God. But the scriptures are clear – Jesus existed before the world began. In fact He was there at the creation of the world. It was Jesus who said, “Let US make man in our […]

The Redefinition of Revival by the Leaders of T.A.C.F. (Catch the Fire)

I started attending Toronto Airport Vineyard Christian Fellowship in 1995. I will never forget what it was like back then. We arrived early. To our astonishment, there was a considerable amount of people lined up waiting to get in the church! We waited for what seemed like an hour. During this time spontaneous worship broke […]