Why the Substitutionary Atonement Doctrine is WRONG!

I spent a number of grueling years hooked on a certain sin. I tried everything. I justified it… only later to admit it was a sin… then I prayed… and prayed… and prayed… and fasted… and fasted… I’m not talking about a little bit. I’m talking about grueling and prolonged resistance… I mean, when I […]

The Law of Noah (Noahide Laws) vs The Law of Moses vs The Law of the Messiah

I recently came across an article saying that some people are required to obey the Law of Noah, some people are required to obey the Law of Moses, and some, the Law of Messiah. To define this more specifically, the “Laws of Noah” are the Noahide Laws. Relatively recent Jewish doctrine says that there are […]

Ontario, Canada: A Cauldron of Evil

The Canadian liberal government has tightened its iron fist of totalitarian tyranny once again. As if Bill 89 weren’t enough – a bill that makes it illegal for parents to interfere with any kind of “gender identity” disorder in their children. Now we have the authoritarian regime making it illegal to protest abortion within 150 […]

Why Recreational Drugs are NOT OK in the Lives of Christians (Heroine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Oxycontin)

Yes, that is right. Using drugs for recreational purposes is a direct violation of God’s will, and God’s ways. As believers, you are called to SACRIFICE your selfishness, and live in true SELFLESS love, and true WORSHIP of God in holiness. The scriptures say that without holiness, no one will see the Lord. The heart […]

We Are ALL Racist

As a Christian, I believe that every nationality emerged from a mixture of 8 people who were on the Ark. It is clear Ham, and his descendants formed the nation of Africa. Shem, and his descendants formed the West-Asian/ Caucasian nationalities. And Japheth formed the East Asian nationalities. Everyone else is a mixture. I believe […]

10 Questions to a Deeper Understanding of the Scriptures

If you are like me, you have a great desire to learn more about God. And there is no better way to learn more about God than to study the scriptures. Jesus rebuked people for not knowing the scriptures. He slapped them with “Have you not read…?” time and time again. It is obvious – […]

Why You Shouldn’t Call Your Children “Kids”

The scriptures are clear: The tongue is a very powerful tool. It has the power of life and death. (Proverbs 18:21). With the tongue curses are pronounced. With the tongue blessings are given. Names, being words, are a good example. Names are very significant. We see in the scriptures how a person’s name determines his, […]