Holy Fire

I just ran across a site that spoke of the Holy Fire Miracle at Jerusalem. This is very interesting. The story of Holy Fire at Jerusalem dates back more than 1000 years. On Easter morning, approaching noon, a patriarch from … read more »

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London Mayor Bans Ex-Gays

Here is yet another example of the outright hypocrisy. The homosexual rights movement began with the term “tolerance”. They portrayed themselves as those who were victims of intolerance. So they began their “crusade” with tolerance preaching. And they portrayed those … read more »

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Nate Phelps

Many of us in the western world have heard of the infamous “Westboro Baptist Church” – the so called “Hate Mongers” who pickets the funerals of dead soldiers with signs saying such things as “thank God for dead soldiers”. They … read more »

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Welcome to the Official Christopher Enoch blog. Here you will find spiritual insights, and wonderful golden nuggets of truth. I encourage you to spend some time. Look around, and most of all – enjoy!

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