Alcoholics Anonymous vs. The Church

Without a doubt alcoholism is one of the evils of society. And people all over have the desire to stop drinking. They have witnessed, either first hand or second hand, how alcohol can destroy a person’s life, family, and home.

Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) is a great organization whose purpose is to help people go from being an alcoholic to living alcohol free – as A.A. puts it in their official documents “People who once drank to excess, they finally acknowledged that they could not handle alcohol, and now live a new way of life without it.”

When I was about 15 years old I attended A.A. with a friend of mine who was even younger than I was. Even at a young age he had a drinking problem, and made some effort to stop drinking.

I myself was quite a drinker at that age! I continued to drink excessively until July 1992. I had a life-changing experience with God – right in my own bedroom! I became a totally new person – totally and completely changed. Without even changing my appearance (at least not to my knowledge) my neighbor asked me what happened to me. She said, “Its like a night/day difference!”

I was able to share with her how Jesus (Yeshua) has changed my life. She was amazed. It was a wonderful witness. I was a living epistle of how Jesus can take a drinker, and make him absolutely alcohol free!

I have not had an alcoholic beverage since then – not even one small glass of wine! Not one beer…. Not one shot!

Why don’t I touch an alcoholic beverage anymore?

Countless deaths, episodes of violence, and broken families have plagued our society because of alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous acknowledges that many people cannot handle alcohol at all. One little drink would lead to another, and another, and another and alcoholism would quickly grip their soul again!

But even if you are one of those people who can handle alcohol, the Lord warns us never to do anything that would cause another to stumble – as so doing would be sinning against Christ.

Lets move beyond the controversy of whether or not Jesus turned the water into an alcoholic beverage, or fresh grape juice. Lets look beyond whether or not the wine that is spoken of in Paul’s letter to Timothy is in fact fermented. We have much more to consider.

Lord explicitly tells us, “It is good not to eat meat, drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles, is offended, or is made weak.” – Romans 14:21

And we know that society is plagued with the “sickness” A.K.A. “weakness” of alcoholism. Many people cannot handle alcohol – period!
As Christians we have a great responsibility. This responsibility includes offering an answer to this plague. There are many alcoholics seeking help. As members of the church we should be the first resort! We have multitudes of people who can testify that the Lord has set them completely free of alcohol!

What would an alcoholic think if he went to his pastor, priest, or any other church leader for help to be set completely free from this bondage – only to find that they themselves drink! This would multiply the problem as the very person, or people they expect to be an example and a source of encouragement actually feeds the demon of alcoholism by not abstaining themselves – thus demoralizing the person seeking help, and ultimately society.

A.A. has been the forerunner in keeping people “alcohol free”, but the church should take that place! After all, the true church has much more to offer than A.A. – the grace of God that empowers us to be instantaneous, and miraculously free from this bondage! I am a witness. My very life is a testimony to this fact – our God sets people free from alcohol – never to drink again!

Some church leaders not only drink, but condone moderate use of alcohol. This MUST STOP!

Can you imagine being a believer, who has fought temptation to drink for years, only to find out that your spiritual leader, role model, and personal hero drinks! It would be devastating. Pastors, priests, and all manner of clergy have lowered the standard, which ultimately cost many a soul for whom the Lord had died!

A Christian Drunkard?

“I am a Christian. I get drunk every now and then, but I am not an alcoholic”, you may say.

The scriptures clearly tell us that drunkards shall not inherit the kingdom of God! Yes, it doesn’t matter how much you “believe” in Jesus – His Word declares that those who abuse alcohol have nothing but a fearful expectation of whats coming to them on judgment day.

The scriptures are clear: drunkenness leads to hell. But how about a drink every now and then? My friend, how close to do you want to get to the edge before you fall in?

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