Feminists: Ban Urinals! They are sexist!

The feminist agenda has gone way too far. According to the attached article, feminists from Sweden to Taiwan are calling for a ban on urinals. Why? Because it is a sign of masculinity for a man to urinate standing up, and they can’t STAND it. No pun intended. Find the article here Feminists want equality, […]

Pointform: Why We Need the Law

The Bible says that Sin is the transgression of God’s Law. Whoever hates Sin must uphold the Law. Whoever fights the Law is upholding Sin whether he likes it or not. Grace gives us power to repent from Sin, which is breaking the Law. The Savior died that we might have Grace that gives us […]

Does God Ever Get Mad Anymore?

Recently I ran across this tweet, to which I replied. This one “Jeremiah Johnson” reminds me a lot of Peter Youngren in word and deed. If you haven’t read of my interactions with Peter Youngren regarding this topic, you can read it here: http://christopherenoch.org/?p=83 I have no doubt that Johnson is well-meaning. And I have […]