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Feminists: Ban Urinals! They are sexist!

The feminist agenda has gone way too far. According to the attached article, feminists from Sweden to Taiwan are calling for a ban on urinals. Why? Because it is a sign of masculinity for a man to urinate standing up, … read more »

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Ontario’s new Premier: Lesbian!

When the children of Israel was making their conquest to take hold of the promised land, they drove out many kings, yes, even nations! War after war, king after king was defeated, and the inhabitants of the land were cleaned … read more »

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London Mayor Bans Ex-Gays

Here is yet another example of the outright hypocrisy. The homosexual rights movement began with the term “tolerance”. They portrayed themselves as those who were victims of intolerance. So they began their “crusade” with tolerance preaching. And they portrayed those … read more »

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