Grossly Unethical Vaccine Manufacturing Practices


Suppose I own a company that took advantage of the holocaust victims by harvesting their cell-lines in a lab to test my products. Would you buy my products? Would you support my company?

Or suppose My company took advantage of the death of George Flloyd by harvesting his cell-lines in a lab, and using those cell lines to test my product. Would you buy my products? Would you support my company?

Let’s just say my company takes advantage of the death of the native children in Canada by harvesting their bodies, and growing their cell-lines in a lab to test my products. Would you buy my products? Would you support my company?


Many vaccines today are either designed and/or produced and/or tested using cell-lines from poor, dehumanized, and murdered human being in the womb. Yes, that is a FACT.

Not all vaccines are designed, or produced, or tested in that way. Some vaccine manufacturers choose not to engage in those extremely barbaric, horrific, and downright EVIL practice.

Where I Draw the Line

“Give me a vaccine that was not designed, produced, or tested using the cell-lines of murdered babies AND give me promise in writing that that vaccine will not harm me, then I’ll roll down my sleeve in a blink of an eye!”

Spiritual Implications

Someone might say, “OK, I’m not comfortable with the idea of how these vaccines were manufactured. But it’s just a matter of opinion.”

Not so fast!

Have you heard of “cellular memory“?

Material objects can be a medium through which the spiritual realm transmits. Witches, and necromancers know this concept very well. Objects can be linked to the spiritual realm.

Like it or not, believe it or not, you can be a victim of severe spiritual defilement. There are serious consequences in the spiritual realm.

If you obtain, consume, or inject any item that carries this spiritual “energy”, you might get a lot more than you bargain for!

Joshua 7

According the the Holy Scriptures, the objects that Achan’s possession of a few simple objects caused the entire nation to be defeated in war. We read this in Joshua 7.

Achan took an article that was “acursed”. And it gave “legal ground” for the Devil to inflict defeat on the entire nation!

Acts 19

“So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.” – Acts 19:12

We see here that the handkerchiefs and aprons that were on Paul’s body carried the same spiritual power as he did. Therefore, these inanimate items acted as a medium through which the spiritual realm interacted with this world.

Think of the Implications

If a vaccine is developed, produced, or tested with human remains from a murder, there are SERIOUS spiritual implications. Do not be deceived.

Hitler will rise up on Judgement Day and condemn the utter evil of today’s political leaders.

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