Lessons from the Titanic

April 15, 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. over 1500 lives were tragically lost. The Titanic was the largest, finest, most luxurious, technological wonder of its time.  It’s size overshadowed every other ship measuring approximately 900 feet in length, 92.5 feet wide, and 104 feet high. It housed a beautiful […]

London Mayor Bans Ex-Gays

Here is yet another example of the outright hypocrisy. The homosexual rights movement began with the term “tolerance”. They portrayed themselves as those who were victims of intolerance. So they began their “crusade” with tolerance preaching. And they portrayed those who were intolerant of gays as those who were uncivilised, and intolerant bigots. But like […]