Holy Fire

I just ran across a site that spoke of the Holy Fire Miracle at Jerusalem. This is very interesting.

The story of Holy Fire at Jerusalem dates back more than 1000 years. On Easter morning, approaching noon, a patriarch from the Orthodox Christian church in Jerusalem approaches the tomb where Jesus once laid. Before going in the tomb is searched for any means or way that a fire can be lit. After the tomb is searched, the patriarch himself is searched.

The patriarch goes into the dark tomb and kneels to pray. He holds candles in his hands and waits for the Holy Fire to manifest. He says the fire starts as a blue light and then forms into a fire from which he lights his candles. After his candles are lit he comes out of the tomb and passes them around to the thousands of pilgrims outside the tomb.

I have read the account on Wikipedia, I have also did a search on Youtube, and I went to the official site of www.holyfire.org

I encourage everyone to not only read the account of Wikipedia including the claims and criticism, but also the response to the criticism on www.holyfire.org for a full picture to make a proper judgement.

Personally, after reading all the arguments for and against the authenticity of what is claimed from Wikipedia, Youtube, and www.holyfire.org I have to say that I believe it to be an authentic miracle of our Lord!

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