London Mayor Bans Ex-Gays

Here is yet another example of the outright hypocrisy.

The homosexual rights movement began with the term “tolerance”. They portrayed themselves as those who were victims of intolerance. So they began their “crusade” with tolerance preaching. And they portrayed those who were intolerant of gays as those who were uncivilised, and intolerant bigots. But like any evil movement as soon as they get a foothold, they turn the tables, and start forcing acceptance of their lifestyle upon the general public.

This is blatant hypocrisy and a good example of such hypocrisy is an article published by which reports:

Mayor of London Bans Bus Ads Supporting ‘Ex-Gays’

His “intolerance of the intolerant” is nothing more than political bullying. If you give the gay-rights folks freedom to advertise on a public bus, then it is only right and fair to give the opposing parties freedom to advertise as well.

But the Mayor of London is fuelling the fire of brainwashing society. People need to see both sides. People need to hear both views. Anything else is simply biased political trash that forces their views and opinions on society, snubbing, and censoring all other views. This is the epitome of government control – NOT freedom!

Homosexual activists like to portray themselves as nice people. Forcing acceptance of the homosexual is not nice. If the gays are right, then why do they need to censor their opposition. What are they afraid of? Bring it on! But its all about control. Its all about forcefully controlling the moral culture of society – as puppets, controlled by the evil forces.

Some of these liberal groups like to pose as nice people by saying that they don’t want to offend anyone. The truth is that they just pick and choose who to offend, because someone is always going to be offended. Saying that they “don’t want to offend anyone” is crap! They choose to offend those who stand up for righteousness. I am VERY offended by the homosexual agenda. I challenge you not to offend me, and the millions who feel the same way I do. Want to talk about not offending others, and being tolerant? Take your own medicine before you force it on me, hypocrites!

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