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Many of us in the western world have heard of the infamous “Westboro Baptist Church” – the so called “Hate Mongers” who pickets the funerals of dead soldiers with signs saying such things as “thank God for dead soldiers”. They also protest the homosexual agenda saying that God hates homosexuals.

The “ring leader” of hate is Fred Phelps. He is the pastor of this so called “church”. Mr. Phelps condemns everybody to hell except the faithful members of his congregation. I say “his” congregation, distinguishing his congregation from God’s congregation which is vastly different.

Nate Phelps is the estranged son of Fred Phelps. Nate Phelps left the church and became an atheist, which is no surprise. I honestly feel quite sorry for Nate, having to grow up in such a Satanic environment, masked as a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I watched a few videos of Nate Phalps on Youtube last night. Although I totally disagree with the position he takes against Christianity, I can totally understand why he is the way he is, and how he got that way.

Nate Phelps explained how he went from the “faith” to Atheism. Basically, he started out with his dad’s teachings. As a teenager he started questioning the teachings of his father. He then talked to other people. He found that there were as many interpretations of the Bible as there were people that he asked. That led to questioning the Bible itself. He said that seeing that everyone had a different interpretation of the Bible, and that there was passages in the Bible that differs from manuscript to manuscript he started rejecting Christianity altogether. He drew the conclusion that objective morality (universal, and fixed morality for all times, and all cultures) did not exist based upon the inconsistencies he observed.

Nate believes he found the truth, but in reality he is still on the same level as his father.

  1. Both Nate and his father, Fred, bases everything they believe upon their views of the Bible.
  2. Both Nate and his father, Fred, use their view of the Bible as the basis of their belief systems.
  3. Both Nate and his father, Fred, assume that the Bible is the basis for Christianity.

Nate’s point of view has changed. But Nate’s object of view did not change. This is the problem with Christians who do not personally know the Lord. I have no doubt in my mind that Fred Phelps has no clue who God is, and never has. I’m not saying that in anger. I’m saying that in truth. He reads his Bible, and he interprets it according to his own point of view filtered through his finite intellect and personality. This is the wrong way to read the Bible. The Bible is a product of the supernatural, therefore it takes a supernatural people to properly understand it. Fred Phelps, on the other hand is not supernatural at all. In fact, he is very natural. He bases his entire theology on his natural understanding, as he interprets it in his own natural mind. Fred Phelps, and his followers have to do a lot of ignoring to protect their beliefs and practices. Therefore they are indeed ignorant.

Nate Phelps began, and still remains with the assumption that the Bible is the absolute basis of the Christian faith, and that Christianity cannot exist without it.

Nate spoke a lot about the Bible. But he did not say that he spoke to any Christian who simply had a relationship with God apart from mere ink on paper!

Mr. (Nate) Phelps, I have news for you. And it seems as though no Christian has ever told you this before: I have the faith of Adam, Enoch, Noah and Moses. I have the faith of David, Isaiah, and Daniel.

Mr. Phelps, lets start with this: Suppose the book of Genesis is true (literally). If that is the case, then Adam was created by God, and he used to have a personal, intimate, and wonderful relationship with God. What Bible did he have to “stand on”? What text did he base his faith on?

If the Bible is true, then Enoch really existed, and was a man who walked and talked with God so close that God simply took him from this earth. He didn’t have to die! What a faith he had! What a relationship with the Lord he had! But what Bible did he have to base his faith on?

If the Bible is true, then Noah really existed, and he, and his family were the most righteous people on earth, He was in fact a preacher of righteousness. But let me ask you a simply question… What text did he preach from? What Bible did he base his faith on?

And so I can go on and on and on. My point is: The Bible is not God. The Bible is simply an expression of God that is not complete. The Bible itself even says that the world is not big enough to fit all the books therein, if they were to be written. The Bible is merely a glimpse into the heart and ways of God. Its not the be-all-end-all. Christians survive without the book. In fact, a true Christian does not have a relationship with a book, but with a person.

Having said that, the Bible is not the Word of God in its full form. The Bible is the written Word of God, yes! But the Bible is only an expression of God in written form, contained within the finite boundaries of a single compilation that you can hold in one hand. The real Word of God is a person – not a book!

God is so much bigger than a book that can be held in one human hand!

Furthermore, most, if not all the Bible passages that are in debate as being “changed” are New Testament passages. We must not forget that the New Testament was not even used by the early NT church! Look at it this way: When the Holy Spirit descended on the day of Pentecost, and “church” started as we know it, what did they use as their Bible? They had no “Bible” other than some scrolls from Moses, David, and the OT prophets. They did not have the NT at all! Yet they used the OT to preach from. They used the OT as their text to preach Jesus, and establish what we call the NT church. It all came from the OT.

The NT came along only because the church realised that the eye-witnesses of Jesus were dying off, and they needed something to preserve the account of Jesus life.

The Church  in the book of Acts did not need the NT books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John because they all knew that Jesus was real. A good portion of them saw Jesus with their own eyes. Most of them heard Jesus teach first hand. They didn’t need anyone to write a book about the life story and teachings of Jesus because they all knew it. They were first hand witnesses.

Likewise, what scripture did Moses teach from? What Bible did he use as his text?

Bottom line: True Christianity is not based on a book, but a person. Therefore, with or without a Bible, Jesus still appears to people, speaks to people, change their lives, walks with them, talks with them, and teaches them in a very real and tangible sense. This is what I call true Christianity. This is what both Fred, and Nate tragically, and sadly missed. I only hope that this precious soul meets Jesus for himself. I only hope that his eyes are truly opened before its too late.

The Father bless you all!

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