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London, Ontario, Canada Street Preachers Steven Ravbar and Matthew Carapella

Last week I spent 4 hours with a couple of Canada’s street preachers, and what I found was shocking.  These preachers are making their rounds, in the USA, and in Canada. You may come across them. Your friends, your family, … read more »

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Jesus and Gays

You have probably heard it said, “Jesus never said anything against gays”, or “Jesus taught us to love everybody, therefore we should love and accept gays”. Some people even say, “Jesus was gay”! These are the facts Gays did not … read more »

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Extraordinary Dream

On the morning of Pesach I had a very unusual dream. Very rarely do I ever have a dream that even approaches this magnitude of spiritual significance. The last time I can remember was about 10 years ago. But it … read more »

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Would Jesus Support the Death Penalty?

Background Jesus did not first come into being through Mary. Sure, Mary played a vital role in the incarnation of the Word of God. But the scriptures are clear – Jesus existed before the world began. In fact He was there at the … read more »

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Nate Phelps

Many of us in the western world have heard of the infamous “Westboro Baptist Church” – the so called “Hate Mongers” who pickets the funerals of dead soldiers with signs saying such things as “thank God for dead soldiers”. They … read more »

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