Feminists: Ban Urinals! They are sexist!

The feminist agenda has gone way too far. According to the attached article, feminists from Sweden to Taiwan are calling for a ban on urinals. Why? Because it is a sign of masculinity for a man to urinate standing up, and they can’t STAND it. No pun intended.

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Feminists want equality, and to them that means forcing a man to give up his masculine urinary posture. Seriously.

True radical feminists are men haters. They hate everything that men stand for. They hate masculinity. They hate beards, muscles, man-power, masculine authority, masculine prominence, masculine titles, and now they hate urinals!

Why are they fighting so hard? Because they are fighting a losing battle. They live contrary to all natural law. Men and woman are NOT created equal. Everything in creation witnesses to this fact. Is a doe equal to a buck? Is a bull equal to a cow? Of course not!

Males are females each have their own purpose in creation. In certain ways a man cannot replace a woman. In certain ways a woman cannot replace a man. Each have their own unique purpose in God’s plan. But feminism seeks to ignore the laws of God. Feminism seeks to make men more feminine, and females more masculine. Feminism is the ultimate effort to turn the laws of creation upside down. Undoubtedly, if feminists could change the order of creation, they would! They would create everyone unisex, as that is more “fair” and “equal”. If they were God, they would have sent a lady to be the messiah and not a man. (But even writing this makes me feel somewhat sick to my stomach.)

This, my friend, is the corruption that is facing the world and if the people of God don’t stand against it according to the Torah, we miss our purpose in society. Our purpose is to be the salt. Our purpose is to preserve. Our purpose is to prevent corruption.

The Torah gives us specific instructions regarding men and woman. God orders us to honor men above women. Why? Because man is made in the image of God, and woman came from man. Don’t get me wrong. Husbands are supposed to love their wives as Christ loved the church. How much love. He died for her. But at the same time God commanded the wife to submit to the husband, NOT vice-versa.

Honoring men above women in certain respects is an act of faith. It is honoring God. It is saying, “God, I acknowledge you as the perfect image of masculinity. And I acknowledge than man, in his masculinity, is a prophetic image of You. And I honor that above all else.”

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