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Is the Law of God Bondage? Why the Jews Reject their Messiah

Many Christians today believe that the Law, (the Torah) is bondage. They believe that Jesus came to set us free, primarily from the Law so that now we can live by “grace”. If you are a Christian who has been … read more »

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Pointform: Why We Need the Law

The Bible says that Sin is the transgression of God’s Law. Whoever hates Sin must uphold the Law. Whoever fights the Law is upholding Sin whether he likes it or not. Grace gives us power to repent from Sin, which … read more »

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Greg Laurie: Commit Suicide and Go To Heaven

My Own Experience Ministering to those who are Suicidal Several years ago I got a call from a long-time friend that I never heard from in a while. He was faced with an enormous amount of problems in life. He … read more »

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