Allah vs God

Who is Allah?

Who is God?

I have heard people say a lot of negative stuff about Allah, while all the while saying a lot of positive things about God.

Let’s get this straight – Allah and God are not names.

The word “God” is not His name. “God”, rather is a descriptive word. There are many names for God. But “God” is NOT a name. “God” is not a name of God.

Since “God” is not a name, but a noun it must be translated into different languages in order to convey it’s meaning. For example, the English Bible translates the Hebrew word, “Elohim”, or “Eloah” as “God”. It also translates the Greek word, “Theos” as “God”.

Names are transliterated in the Bible. In other words, a name is taken from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek, and translated into English with special observance to preserve it’s original pronounciation by using English letters in order for English readers to understand it.

For example, Ἰησοῦς in the Greek in transliterated, “Jesus”. Bible translators took a Greek word, spelled using the Greek alphabet, and did their best to transliterate in into an easily pronounceable English word, while still endeavouring to maintain the original name.

But this is not so with “God”, because God is NOT a name. It is a noun. It is a descriptive word, not a personal name.

Since “God” is not a name, when speaking to someone of another language, you must translate, NOT transliterate “God”.

Bible translators, who translated the Bible into Arabic, DO NOT use the word “God” in the Bible. They translate the word “God” as “Allah”. Everywhere in the English Bible you see the word “God” is it translated with the word “Allah” in Arabic Bibles.

This is because the word “God” and “Allah” are synonymous. They mean the same thing. They speak of the same deity. But, that is not to confuse the teachings of the Koran with the teachings of the Bible. The “Allah” of the Bible is different than the “Allah” of the Koran. In other words, the God of the Bible is different than the God of the Koran.

Don’t misunderstand me. I believe the Bible’s teaching of God/Allah. I don’t believe the Koranic teaching of God/Allah.

The word “Allah” comes from the Hebrew word, “Eloah”, pronounced el-oh-ah. Eloah is the singular form of Elohim. Elohim can be translated “Gods”. Whereas Eloah can be translated “God”.

Bottom line: Allah, Eloah, Theos, and God all mean the same thing. They speak of the same person. To say that Allah is evil, and God is good is an oxymoron. They mean the same thing. It is like saying I don’t like automobiles, but I like cars.

Don’t be confused Allah is God. God is Allah. Plain and simple.

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  1. I have never heard this arugment broken down like this!!! I am so in love with the way you place facts in such a light that you have only ignorance to blame if your still in the dark after reading your posts!!! Dude>>>Your Too Cool

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