Bulldog Sinners!

True Story

One day as a teenager I was sitting on the back porch at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother lived on one street, and my mother lived on the next street. Their backyards were connected, separated by a fence. But there was a gate through which you could go back and forth.

My mother had a female dog crossbreed chained up in her backyard. It was a cross between a German Shepherd and a hound dog.

So I was sitting on the back porch at my grandmother’s one day, facing my mother’s backyard and watching her dog. From out of nowhere a bulldog came through my grandmother’s backyard and went through the gate to my mother’s backyard. The bulldog was male, and he immediately started showing interest in my mother’s female crossbreed.

A Dangerous Encounter

I didn’t fancy the idea of this bulldog mating with my mother’s dog as she wasn’t fixed. There was a garden hose nearby, and I decided to spray water at the dog to deter it.

I didn’t know much about dogs as I didn’t grow up with them. But I did know a lot about cats. There were always cats around me as I was growing up.

I knew that cats didn’t like water. If you spray a cat, it would run! And I assumed that dogs were that way too. So I took the garden hose, which had a nozzle attached, and sprayed water at the bulldog to try to ward him off my mother’s dog and away from the property.

When I squeezed the nozzle a long stream of water sprayed out towards the bulldog. To my surprise, the bulldog charged at me with FURY!

I dropped the hose and jumped back trying to avoid getting mulled by the dog. I will never forget the anger on that dog’s face!

The Bulldog Sinner

As I began to contemplate what just happened, I realized that there was a great moral to this story. It proved to me a few great truths.

  1. That bulldog is a good example of what the “work of the flesh” looks like. As the scriptures tell us that the works of the flesh include all manner of sexual immorality, as well as violence, rage, and ungodly anger. Notice that sexual immorality and violence are listed together in scripture.
  2. That bulldog is just like a natural sinner! If you try to interfere with the pleasure of sin in another person’s life, they will respond like an animal. They will attack!

Just as I was attacked by that bulldog when I attempted to come between him and his pleasure (my mother’s dog), so if you come between a sinner and his sin you will also be attacked.

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