Civil Rights vs. God

Please bear in mind that when I say, “developed world”, or “our culture”, or “we”, I am referring to the culture of North America, Europe, Australia, and similar countries/cultures.

Do you want the truth? Or do you want nice little messages that are pleasant to read?

I will tell you the truth: We have been taught from birth to idolize “human rights”, AKA “civil rights”. We base much of our justice system on civil rights. Our law has become the bastard child of politics.

We base our entire culture on civil rights. But did you know that God will have nothing to do with it!

How can I say that God is opposed to civil rights? Many of us have been taught that civil rights is the “law of God”. Many of us has been taught that civil rights are “right” and God is “right”, therefore, the two are totally compatible. But that is not the case.

I am writing this to Christians, real Christians. A real Christian is someone who really believes the biblical account from Genesis to Revelation. If you do not believe that the Bible is 100% true to its claims, then you are not a true believer. And if you are not a true believer in the Biblical account, then you should not call yourself a Christian, because Christianity is based upon the Bible.

I am convinced that Moses knew God in a very intimate and personal way. The scriptures declare that God speaks to His prophets in dreams and visions, but not so with Moses. He spoke to Moses face-to-face. Moses was very close to God.

I am also convinced that God does not need to be “upgraded”. He is perfect in every way. He does not need to be taught – rather, He is the Great Teacher. He does not need to be subject to modernism, for God is as current and as modern as you can get! God doesn’t get old. He is always fresh. In fact God, doesn’t age because he exists outside of time. He created time. Time is subject to Him. He is not subject to time.

Having said that, when God created Adam and Eve, He created them not as primitive “cave men”, but as “civilized” and “modern”, and “advanced” people who experienced heaven on earth, namely the Garden of Eden. Earth will never experience the pleasures and privileges of the Garden of Eden without God – in spite of its supposed continual “evolution”.

When God created Adam, and Eve, He created perfection. It says that after He created them He looked around and saw that everything that He had made was “very good”. There was no sin. There was no imperfection. There was no pain. There was no evil.

Likewise, when God gave Moses the law, it was the perfect law. There was nothing to be “upgraded” about it. In fact it says in many places that it was an eternal covenant, an eternal law. As the scripture confirms, His Word is forever settled in heaven. There was, is and never will be a need to upgrade it. The New Covenant is not an abolishment of the law as some believe. The New Testament is new level of the law, where the law went from being engraved on stones, to being engraved on our hearts. Jesus confirmed this saying that He did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it (obey it, teach it, and enable the law to be “implanted” in our hearts). There was no abolishment of the law in any way.

Our culture teaches that civil rights is one of the pillars of justice. But that is not what God teaches. In fact, God teaches that we have no “rights” other than to worship Him. In fact, God teaches that our bodies are not our own! If we are true Christians, then we were bought with a price. Thus, we are NOT our own. Therefore we have NO right to do whatever we want. We have NO right to do whatever we want with our bodies. Our bodies become HIS property when we are born again – NOT ours!

For example, we are taught that slavery is wrong. Not so in God’s kingdom. Not so in God’s law. Plenty of slavery existed throughout the ages from Moses to Jesus. NOT ONCE did God ever forbid slavery. God gave instructions on how a master should treat a slave, and how a slave should serve their master. But God never forbid it in any way. In fact, he gave specific instructions on how master-slave relations should be.

The feminist agenda is completely, and totally against the law of God. For example: Moses gave specific instruction that if a woman were to do the same job a man does, she is to be paid less because she is a woman. That is the way it is. That is the truth. There is no “equal rights”. God made two sexes, and not were created equal. That is clear in the word of God. Whats more! Jesus NEVER “corrected” it. Why? Because it is not wrong. It is right. It is the way God made it. It is the way God wants it. Therefore it is the right and perfect way.

There are a lot more things to address in the topic of civil rights vs God. Too much to list here.

Let us step back from the brainwashing of our evil culture and re-evaluate everything! Because we have accepted too much for too long. Our society IS heading for a collapse because the time is coming when God will be fed-up with our sins. He has destructed cities before because of their immorality (Sodom, and Gomorrah). According to the scriptures, that was an example of what God WILL DO to sinful cultures. There is no doubt about it. Human beings without God are bound to destruction, and so it their societies. God will have the last say… and it will be a shocking message that most people do not want to accept.

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