Islam a Religion of Peace?

I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of Muslims who love peace. They are not terrorists, neither do they love violence. These Muslims are considered to be apostate by those who really believe in their religion and what the Koran teaches. It is no secret that the Koran calls for rejection, violence, and even death to those who freely choose to leave Islam. It is also no secret that according to the Koran, there exists no worse “creature” than a Christian or a Jew. It clearly calls for the death of Christians and Jews. It even states that if a Muslim were to die in the process of killing them – they will receive a greater reward from God.¬† Jesus said that the time will come when killing Christians will be considered a service to God. Furthermore Islam, through the Koran calls its followers to literally inflict terror upon those who knowingly reject Islam and live contrary to the ways of Islam. The teachings of Islam also seek to protect the name of Mohammad to the utmost, even if it means killing those who offend. But Christians do not need to protect the name of Jesus, because He is big enough to protect His own name. Mohammad, on the other hand needs women, and children¬† to protect his name (what a great leader!)

If someone makes a movie that offends Islam, violence and murder are the results. But if someone makes a movie that offends the name of Jesus, Christians do not rise up and kill. Why? Because obviously Christianity is the TRUE religion of peace. Muslims prove to the world that their religion is a religion of violence. Muslims prove to the world that Mohammad is so weak and fragile that he needs everyone to protect his name.

Muslims do more to vilify Islam than any movie, or cartoon can even do.

But what about the Muslims that are peace-loving? They simply are not whole-hearted Koran-believing Muslims. If they really believed in the book they claim to follow, then they would engage in violence, and murder as the book clearly calls for.

Speaking of the book of the Koran, if someone burns a Koran, Muslims go out and kill in protest. But is someone burns a Bible, how many Christians rise up and start killing people? In fact, the vilification of the name of Jesus, and the burning of Bibles happen all the time. And Christians do not resort to violence over it. But the “odd” person makes a movie or a cartoon speaking against Mohammad and Muslims resort to violence.

Muslims call Christians “the people of the book”. In fact the Koran calls Christians “the people of the book”, and it states thus in a negative tone. But Muslims are “the people of the book” much more than Christians. They kill to protect the reputation of the Koran! I have yet to see one single news broadcast saying that a group of Christians killed a bunch of Americans because someone burns a Bible. Burning Bibles happen all the time. So why don’t Christians rise up in a great riot and start a campaign of terror? Because their God is MUCH bigger than ink on a paper. Therefore those Muslims who believe the Koran, putting a negative tone on Christians calling them “the people of the book” are hypocrites!

The worst part of it is that there are people who bow to their murderous campaigns and say, “don’t offend them”. But if a Christian were to start skilling people because of a movie that is offensive to their faith, do you think people would say, “oh… we better not make any movies to offend the Christians.” NO. They would say, “That crazy Christian should be put in jail!” HYPOCRITE!

Therefore, do not play the hypocrite. If you bow to the terrorists who kill people over a burnt book, a movie, or a cartoon, then you have NO RIGHT to condemn a Christian if he kills someone to protect the name of Jesus.

Otherwise, speak the truth about Islam, and about Mohammad without reserve, and without fear….

Is Islam a religion of peace? Absolutely NOT… their actions prove it!


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