Was Matthias the Legit Replacement for Judas?

Comment from Lone Tua

The following comment was submitted on one of my YouTube videos detailing Acts 1, and how God used the disciples (as he always did) to show His will:

My Response

Casting lots to determine God’s choice between two or more options is VERY biblical. It’s how God worked throughout scripture. Read the Bible, bud.

We know that Matthias replaced Judas because:

1. It’s what the Bible says.

2. The Lord never rebuked them for doing so. He rebuked them for other things, but NOT that.

3. Early church fathers that succeeded the disciples confirm that Matthias was indeed the replacement of Judas.

4. Casting lots is EXACTLY how God made his choice known in MULTIPLE places throughout the Tanakh. It is VERY biblical. Get educated!

5. Paul did NOT meet the requirements, nor will he ever meet the requirements. If Matthias didn’t replace Judas, then Joseph was the only other man who had the experience to fill Judas’ shoes. But we know that Joseph was never chosen. Therefore, that means there can be no other choice but Matthias.

6. When Jesus said “wait”, in what context did he mean? Did he mean that they should do absolutely nothing until the promise of the Father? Did he mean they shouldn’t eat? But wait? Did he mean they shouldn’t drink? Did he mean they shouldn’t speak? Did he mean they shouldn’t move? Did he mean they shouldn’t use the restroom?

Did he mean they should choose a replacement for Judas?

OF COURSE NOT! Use your brains, bud. Read the context. Jesus told them to go out into ALL the world (thus effectively making them ALL Apostles to the Gentiles long before Paul). But he told them to wait first.

The only thing he didn’t want them to do was “go into all the world” before the promise of the Father.

Jesus did not tell them to do absolutely NOTHING before the promise of the Father. In proper context, the only thing they were to refrain from doing before Acts 2, was evangelizing to ALL flesh. They needed to experience the Spirit being poured out upon all flesh first. Caphice?

So when Jesus told them to wait, He meant that there was something they were supposed to do (go into all the world) after the waiting period. We know that because Jesus just gave them that command before telling them to wait. Simple logic. Doesn’t take much intellectual capacity to get that concept.

So it was OK to eat, drink, talk, use the restroom, sing, pray, fellowship AND replace Judas. God knows, and they knew that ALL those things were necessary BEFORE Acts 2. And once you understand that the “anointing” to the Gentiles (Spirit poured out upon all flesh) much be released BEFORE they actually go to the Gentiles, then you will realize what Jesus actually said, and why he said it.

In other words, Jesus told them to go to all the world, ie “all flesh” (Gentles). But FIRST, they should wait until the Spirit is poured out upon “all flesh”. Jesus wanted them to experience that before they fulfilled the great commission.

Meanwhile, ALL the disciples and other believers KNEW that Judas MUST be replaced ASAP. God also knew it. That is why He answered their prayer and showed them His choice in perfect accordance with His will, and the scriptures.

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