Why Christians Should Never Be Cremated

Cremation is a practice that has it’s roots in Hinduism, not Christianity.

Right from the beginning of the faith Christians have gone to great lengths to preserve their bodies. But why?

You see, the Bible teaches us that one day, our mortal body will be used as a “seed” to our immortal bodies. We sow in corruption, the scripture says, but we reap in in-corruption. We sow our mortal bodies, but we are raised immortal.

Even the to beginning of time, and throughout the ages, including the great Patriarchs of our faith – all got buried, not cremated. They all looked forward to a resurrection. And that is the key! We look forward to resurrection. As we look forward to God resurrecting our bodies, we are expected to do everything feasible to work toward that goal – that means preserving the body.

We preserve the body because our bodies are not our property. Our bodies are God’s property. That apostle Paul made it clear time and time again – you were bought with a price. You are not your own. Your body is NOT your body. Rather, your body is God’s body, and you need to treat it with utmost respect and honor.

And it is for this reason that we do everything we can in this life to stay healthy. We are taking care of God’s property – the physical body that God gave us.

Look at it this way – our physical body needs to be kept as a “warranty replacement” so that when Jesus comes back and resurrects his, we have a “return” if you will, to present to him.

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