Why You Shouldn’t Call Your Children “Kids”

The scriptures are clear: The tongue is a very powerful tool. It has the power of life and death. (Proverbs 18:21). With the tongue curses are pronounced. With the tongue blessings are given.

Names, being words, are a good example. Names are very significant. We see in the scriptures how a person’s name determines his, or her destiny. The following is just a few examples:

Abraham, meaning “exalted father” became a very great, exalted father.

Jacob, meaning “supplanter” became a supplanter.

Nabal, meaning fool, was just that – a fool!

Achan, meaning “trouble” became the troubler of the entire nation.

I could give many more examples, including the Lord’s name Himself.

Names are very powerful because they are words which you speak to identify a person.

Most people in the English speaking world call their children “kids”, meaning young goats.

But the scriptures do not have a very good outlook for goats. Jesus said that the “goats” will go to hell, while the sheep, or the lambs to go heaven.

Obviously, Jesus is not talking about literal goats, but rather people who He identifies as goats. Likewise, Jesus does not literally mean that lambs go to heaven, but rather the people who He identifies as lambs.

It is important to note that there are several major differences between goats and lambs. Goats are independent. While lambs are community minded. Goats eat tougher, harder foods, with lambs eat more tender morsels.

Jesus said that the people who He identifies as goats (kids) will not enter heaven. Yet the people He identifies as sheep (lambs) will enter heaven.

Yet the practice of the world is to call all children “kids”. Pronouncing this identity over their lives is not good.

Instead we should call our children, lambs, or at least “children”.

Tacking the label “kids” on them is a very serious issue. We should not take it lightly.

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