Ontario, Canada: A Cauldron of Evil

The Canadian liberal government has tightened its iron fist of totalitarian tyranny once again. As if Bill 89 weren’t enough – a bill that makes it illegal for parents to interfere with any kind of “gender identity” disorder in their children. Now we have the authoritarian regime making it illegal to protest abortion within 150 meters (492 feet) from any abortion facility or home of abortion staff.


Bill 89

First, let’s take a glimpse at Bill 89. There are some fortunate individuals who have not caved on the ever-increasing liberal bullying, and brainwashing of society through the school system, and the media. They actually still believe proven DNA science that proves that there are only two genders; male and female.

The science goes like this: if you have a y chromosome, you are a male. If you don’t, you’re a female. Simple, right?

But liberal lunatics now have an indefinite number of genders. You are, they say, whatever you identify as. If you were born with a penis, but you want to identify as a female, then bingo! You’re a female! It’s that easy to switch. It doesn’t matter if every cell of your body has a y chromosome, or not. It doesn’t matter if you were born with a penis, or not. Ironically, the “born this way” homo mantra doesn’t apply here. If you want to identify with something you are technically not, then you are. Makes sense according to the ever brainwashed, and brainwashing elements of society.

It’s bad enough that the government doesn’t protect its citizens from such destructive insanity, but they actually put laws in place to protect it! No. You are not reading a fictitious horror novel. This is real.

If your liberal-brainwashed baby tells you that he wants to become a girl, you can’t correct him. That’s right, the law states that you cannot interfere with the “gender identity” of your child.

This is child abuse. Plain and simple. Absolute child abuse.

I often wonder if even Sodom was this twisted, and demented.


God’s Perspective

For those of you who have the courage, and strength to maintain your Christian faith through all this, I want to remind you of something. The Holy Scriptures are clear from beginning to end – homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God. Among all the detestable, and horrific sins that the human race can possibly commit, there are only a few that God calls an abomination. But homo-sex is one. But Holy Scriptures do not stop there. Among all the sins details in the scriptures, only a few of them does God prescribe capital punishment for. And this in one of them. That is how much God detests this.

Most Canadian pastors and religious leaders agree – homosexuality is a sin. But they don’t tell you one thing. Jesus said that everyone who causes a little child to sin would be better off tying a millstone around their neck, and throwing themselves into the ocean. Yes, God said it’s better to kill yourself than to lead a child into sin.


The Abortion Holocaust – Legally PROTECTED!

There are a few survivors of the abortion holocaust. And for the most part, they are silenced. The most unsafe place to be in today’s world is the womb. You were created in the Warfield of the Womb. And if you can get through it without ruthless being murdered by your own mother, in the name of “reproductive freedom” or “choice”, then you made it through the most dangerous, and barbaric place on earth.

Where I live today, if you kill a deer out of season you can get charged with a crime. But if that deer is pregnant, you can get double the punishment.

Likewise, if a murderer kills a woman, it is considered to be pure evil. But if that woman was pregnant, it is considered to be more evil – as most people consider the life of the baby in the womb of the murdered mother.

Not too long ago, a pregnant woman in Texas had a pre-born baby diagnosed with a tumor. She had an operation where the surgeon temporarily removed the baby from the mother’s womb, operated on the baby, and then put the baby back in the womb to complete the term before being “born again”.

The fact of the matter is that, while the baby is inside the mother’s body, the mother can legally murder it. But outside the body, the baby is considered to be a viable, and protected human life – complete with human rights.

Before the surgery, the baby is legal murder material. While the baby was out, having the tumor removed, the baby was protected as any other human being is. When the baby was returned to the womb, the baby once again entered the Womb Warfield, where it can be legally murdered at the mother’s will.

MILLIONS of innocent babies have been ruthlessly slaughtered in cold blood in the name of women’s rights.


Spirits of Departed Babies

Many women who have had an abortion say the spirit of their lost baby haunts them on the anniversary of the abortion. Also, many people report to have seen aborted babies in heaven. You don’t have to look very far to find people who have had NDEs (Near Death Experiences) where they clinically died, and been resuscitated again, only to come back with amazing stories of the afterlife. Many of these people said that they went to heaven. And a great number of those who claimed to have had this experience also reported seeing millions of babies who have been slaughtered in abortions. Most of the time God showed them a great multitude of babies in heaven, telling them they were victims of abortion. Some people say that the Lord’s demeaner changed dramatically while speaking of the millions of abortion victims.


Real Justice

Like Abel in the story of Cain and Abel, the blood of these babies cries out. These children have never had the chance to tell their mommies and daddies they love them. They never had a chance to play with other children on earth. They never had a chance to graduate from school, or get married, or have a family. They were murdered in cold blood before they had a chance to enjoy any of that. And if that were not bad enough, they were denied a proper funeral, and a proper burial.

God will not let this evil continue much longer. He cannot.


The Nazi State of Ontario, Canada

The holocaust of Nazi, Germany was bad enough. But it’s nothing compared to the holocaust of the womb. It’s bad enough that the “gas chambers” of Ontario’s abortion clinics are even allowed to exist. It’s much, much worse to make it illegal to show your disapproval within 492 feet of the homes or clinics of feminazi executioners, and staff.

They say that women who seek abortions, and abortion clinic staff need their “safe space”. Awwwww, isn’t that just too bad. The poor baby-hating women, and cold-blooded murderers need to feel safe while committing the most atrocious act of barbaric horror in history. We don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. Forget about the millions of victims here. Let’s create a safe-space for the evil.

The government of Ontario will be held accountable. They are heaping up gross condemnation for themselves in the day of judgment. But they fear not. The scriptures say that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, none of which they have. And those who vote for them will likewise be included.

The Liberal Government of Ontario, Canada makes Hitler look like a choirboy.


Albert Einstein once said that the world will not be destroyed by evil people. But the world will be destroyed by those who sit back, and watch, without doing anything about it.

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