Why Recreational Drugs are NOT OK in the Lives of Christians (Heroine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Oxycontin)

Yes, that is right. Using drugs for recreational purposes is a direct violation of God’s will, and God’s ways.

As believers, you are called to SACRIFICE your selfishness, and live in true SELFLESS love, and true WORSHIP of God in holiness. The scriptures say that without holiness, no one will see the Lord.

The heart of the Christian is not to satisfy selfish desires, but to follow God’s leading and live a life of self-sacrifice. Recreational drug use is for one thing only – self.

Jesus called His followers to lay down their lives, deny themselves, serve God, and serve others. But recreational drugs, on the other hand, call to you too – it is a call that is diametrically opposed to the call of Jesus. It is a call to pursue your own “feel good” pleasures. It is a call to satisfy yourSELF. It is a ruthless call to trample anyone who gets in the way of your drugs.

Drugs is not just physical. It is spiritual. And it is not a good kind of spiritual. The spirits behind recreational drugs entice you, and exploit your weaknesses. Then as you give in, it will get a hold of you. The spirits behind recreational drugs call for slavery.

The evil spirits behind recreational drug use will lead you down a road. It starts all sweet. It starts out fun. But the further you go down that road, the more control you lose. The nastier it gets. Many a person will do anything, no matter how lewd, or violent, just to satisfy your lust for more drugs.

Recreational drug use is not good for you in any way. It is not good spiritually. It is not good physically. Your body will take a beating. Be it cancer, kidney, or liver failure, or heart failure – you will pay dearly if you continue down the road of RDU. And the spirits behind it don’t care.

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