We Are ALL Racist

As a Christian, I believe that every nationality emerged from a mixture of 8 people who were on the Ark. It is clear Ham, and his descendants formed the nation of Africa. Shem, and his descendants formed the West-Asian/ Caucasian nationalities. And Japheth formed the East Asian nationalities. Everyone else is a mixture.
I believe in ONE race – the human race.
However, there are different family groups of that human race. Some Asian, some African, some European, etc… etc…
Therefore, a so called “race” isn’t really a race. It is just a member of a certain family.
We all know, and perhaps we all are guilty of classifying an entire family as _____. Be it good or not so good.
By today’s definitions, we are ALL “racist”.
The “racist” tag is just a name used to manipulate, control, and vilify someone we don’t like.

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