Peter Youngren Refuted

Peter Youngren is a Canadian TV and crusade evangelist. He is the pastor of the Toronto International Celebration Church. He is also the founder of World Impact Bible Institute, and operates Grace TV, Canada’s largest Christian T.V. channel.

Peter Youngren hosts a daily TV show called, “Encounter with Peter Youngren”. On September 5, 2012 Peter had as his guest, a lady by the name of Susan Hearn, who is the author of 3 books. In her books Mrs. Hearn describes how Canada was more of a “Christian” country in times past as more Canadians used to go to church, and the nation’s laws were more geared to the “moral highroad” than they are now. Simply stated, Mrs. Hearn, said that Canada is suffering from the corruption of morals, and a falling away from true Christianity. Mrs. Hearn drew a “bottom line” by saying that if the nation of Canada does not alter its course, then God’s judgment would ensue.

The show, entitled, “Is God About to Judge Canada?” that aired September 5, 2012 has since been deleted from Youngren’s servers since the publication of this article.

Almost a month later Peter Youngren aired a follow up show “Does God Judge a Nation?” on October 1, 2012, and October 5, 2012. This show has also been deleted from Youngren’s servers since the publication of this article.

Peter Youngren began his interview very “nicely”. But as time went on it became increasingly evident that Peter opposed most of what Mrs. Hearn had to say.

On the show that aired September 5, 2012, “Is God About to Judge Canada?”, Peter Youngren harshly criticized Mrs. Hearn for pointing out the sins of Canada, and not drawing “enough” attention to Jesus. Youngren said she was “unbiblical”, and untruthful.

In short, Peter judged Mrs. Hearn for judging people, and saying that God’s judgment is coming because of the sins of Canada.

In summary, PeterYoungren teaches that:

  • Christians should never point out sins of society, they should point out Jesus, and let Jesus do the work of reforming society.
  • Paul, the Apostle never condemned the sins of society.
  • Paul, the Apostle preached “Jesus Christ and Him crucified” only! He never discussed the sins of the people.
  • You don’t solve the problems of a nation by discussing the problems of that nation.
  • We shouldn’t point to the sins of the unsaved because that just turns them off. Jesus isn’t glorified in that. It doesn’t attract them to Jesus.
  • God doesn’t judge people. God’s judgment was already taken by Jesus on the cross.

During his interview with Susan Hearn, Peter Youngren said that he was a “great admirer” of William Wilberforce. Youngren also called Linda Gibbons a “Canadian Hero”. Yet, both Gibbons, and Wilberforce did the same thing as Mrs. Hearn is doing – addressing to the problems of society, and saying that peoples’ lifestyles and/or practices are “sinful” or “wrong” – yet in a blatant two-tongued double standard Youngren condemned this lady for doing what both Wilberforce and Gibbons did.

Furthermore, Peter Youngren made Mrs. Hearn look like a fool for saying that God judges nations for their sin, and assuming that we can use the economy as a gauge to measure God’s blessing, or God’s judgment. Yet William Wilberforce, of whom Peter is a “great admirer”, did exactly that! Wilberforce explicitly addressed the sins of Britain and warned that God may judge her because of her (Britain’s) sins.

Either Peter is conscious of his double-standards, or he is a greatly confused, and misled individual.

Biblically speaking, here is a brief synopsis of the truth, as opposed to Mr. Youngren’s beliefs:

  • God causes prosperity or destruction to come upon individuals, communities, cities, and nations for many reasons – only ONE of which is because of the righteousness or sinfulness thereof. There are many other reasons (too numerous to mention here) God would either cause great prosperity or great destruction to come upon a person, a community, a city, or a nation. (cases in point: ancient Egypt at Moses time, the kingdom of Babylon, the nation of Israel… and many more)
  • The Apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthians were written specifically to the saints at Corinth – NOT the world. Furthermore, when Paul said, “For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” he was obviously talking to a specific people at a specific time, and NOT in a strict sense for all time; this is evidenced in the fact that the majority of Paul’s writings are filled with matters other than Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Peter Youngren’s teaching on Paul’s letters to the Corinthians are both overemphasized and out of context.
  • Peter Youngren said that Christians ought to not point to the sins of society, but rather only direct people’s attention to Jesus, and trust Jesus to do the work of reforming society. This sounds all nice and religious, but many people are led astray by this perverted, and twisted perspective. Obviously, if Peter Youngren were alive 2000 years ago, he would accuse Jesus Himself of not making Himself “attractive” to the world. After all, Jesus Himself called a woman a dog, and regularly used the terms “hypocrites”, “vipers”, “liars”…… and even went to the point of tacking the label “sons of Satan” on some of His opponents. It seems to me that Peter Youngren (presumptuously) would even accuse Jesus of making Himself “unattractive” to certain sinners. After condemning, criticizing, and angering so many people, Jesus certainly does not seek to attract those people to Himself!
  • Youngren accused Mrs. Hearn of turning people away from Jesus just because she points out the sins of this society! Obviously, Peter Youngren would have a huge problem with John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, James, Jude, John, and even Jesus Himself!
  • Paul didn’t warn of God’s judgment in his letters? All he did was just preach Jesus and Him crucified? There are too many instances in which Paul pointed out and condemned sin(ners) to list here.
  • Pastor Peter said to Mrs Hearn, “you are saying that God will judge Canada, but I say that Jesus took that judgment”, as if God doesn’t judge people today! God doesn’t judge people post-resurrection? Tell that to Annanias and Sapphira! Tell that to Elymas! Tell that to Herod! Tell that to the churches described in the book of Revelation!

Mrs. Hearn has a good message, but quite honestly, she did not argue it very well. Peter Youngren did a good job at belittling Mrs. Hearn, discrediting her, and making her look like a fool. I agree with another commenter that said that Peter did not act “grace”-fully at all! No, I am not saying that Peter Youngren behaved in a grace-less manner because he disagreed with her. Peter was grace-less in his behaviour, attacking this poor lady, cross-examining her as if she was on the witness stand accused of a great crime. Obviously, this lady wasn’t prepared for this.

Furthermore, it is inappropriate of a TV show host to invite a “guest” on the show and attack them in opposition. A “guest”, if opposed on national TV should be on “neutral” ground. Peter Youngren acts unfairly by openly attacking his guest, which automatically gives him an unfair advantage, seeing that she is not on “neutral” ground the balance is already in Peter’s favor even before an argument commences. To be fair, the guest could be faced with an opponent, both stationed on neutral ground, with a host who doesn’t take sides. The fact that Peter Youngren violated this policy adds to his grace-less behaviour, and inappropriate practices.

Pastor Peter’s grace-less behaviour climaxed as he piped up against the elderly lady rudely, “Who made you a spokesperson for God?”

This, in and of itself sounds like a Pharisee response more than anything else I’ve heard on Christian TV.

Peter, considering your VERY unbiblical, unscriptural, and untruthful representation of the Word of God, the question should be mirrored back to Peter, “Who made you a spokesperson for God?”

Peter, don’t attack dear elderly ladies. Choose a formidable opponent, such as myself!

In his show, Peter repeatedly said that he is more than willing to have anyone on his show who can debate the matter better than Mrs. Hearn. He also said that he wants difference of opinion.

Peter, you said that you want difference of opinion… Here I am!

Peter, you said that if anyone thinks they can do better than Mrs. Hearn, then you will have them on the show.

Peter, if you are a true man of your word, here I am. Take me on!

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