Why Aren’t All Healed?

We read time and time again in the gospels when Jesus healed all that were sick. Yet we rarely see that today. Why?

I have attended many meetings where high profile ministers of the gospel pray for all to be healed. Yet service after service we see the crippled going in, and the crippled coming out.

After 20 years of attending countless services like this, holding many healing services myself, and praying fervently about this issue, I believe the Lord has shown me some keys as to why all are not healed like they were then.

Please understand that we should never reduce the work and gifts of God to a method. God is not bound to a mathematical equation. However, These are some of the keys that must not be overlooked.

The Five Keys of Healing

Key 1 – God’s Love

God heals because He loves. Many a time Jesus did miracles because He was “moved with compassion”.
Sometimes God supersedes all other spiritual laws and heals someone just because He loves them, and it is a sovereign work of God. Notice I say “sometimes”. Not everyday does God decide to heal everyone because of His love. But for one reason or another He decides to override all other laws and principles, and perform a miracle just because it is His sovereign work that He wills to do just because He wants to do it!

Key 2 – Faith

Faith is a key in supernatural miracles. And miracles of healing are no exception. One cannot read the gospels without seeing the importance of faith.  But all too often people use the “faith” excuse to point fingers and put the blame on someone else.

For example, suppose John prays for Tom to get healed, but Tom doesn’t get healed. John them blames Tom, saying that his lack of faith is the reason for the unanswered prayer.

This is wrong, my friends. Jesus never prayed for someone to be healed, only to realize that the prayer has not been answered – resorting to blaming the other party! No! That is not how it works.

Jesus blamed his disciples for lack of faith! He blamed the “pray-er”, not the “pray-ee”. Jesus blamed the one doing the praying, not the one receiving the prayer.

Keep in mind when Jesus drove a demon out of a little boy, His disciples immediately asked, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?”

“Because you have so little faith…” Jesus replied.

He blamed the disciples, not the recipient of the prayer. If everyone who prays takes responsibility for their prayers and their faith, then the world would be different. We need to stop blaming the one who needs help, and start blaming ourselves for our lack of faith.

Key 3 – Desperation

Many times desperation is a key factor in miracles. Jesus raised the widow’s son. Why? There must have been many funerals during the life of Jesus. Why did he single out the widow’s son?

Back then women and children did not work. They had no way to make a living. When the widow’s son died it may have been her only link to life. She did not have a husband to provide for her. And there is no record of her having any other sons. She was desperate. Her son’s death meant her livelihood.

When Jesus saw this uncommon situation he moved instantly in compassion for the widow and raised her son. It wasn’t so much for the son as it was for the widow.

We read of many stories of desperation in the gospels… stories where the sick, or disabled had to overcome great opposition. Consider the woman with the issue of blood, or blind Bartimaeus. These people were desperate, and had to overcome the opposition of the crowd.

Or consider the paralytic whose friends brought him to Jesus, and they tore the ceiling apart to get to Jesus. These are only a few examples of desperation.

Today we trust too much in medical science, and doctors. Doctors are good, and we should see them whenever we need to. God have given us such blessings, but we should never take our eyes off of Him.

Key 4 – Repentance

Today we hold “miracle services”, “healing services”, or “signs and wonders services”. We invite as many people we can, pray that the attendance is good, pray for the sick, hope that all get healed, and use that to “preach the gospel” and “grow the church”!

We wonder why we don’t see the same results that Jesus, or His disciples saw in the Bible… yet we keep pluggin’ away at it.

But there is a problem… a big problem: that is not the way Jesus, or the apostles conducted their services!

Simply stated, its all wrong!

Jesus never held healing services, nor did the early church – yet they saw much more results than we do! This key is the most overlooked of them all!

The primary focus of Jesus [and His disciples] was not to pray for the needy. It was to preach the gospel which was always preceded by one primary teaching: repentance!

The primary message of John, the Baptist was “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

The first and primary message Jesus taught was, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

When Jesus sent his disciples out, giving them authority to cast out demons, they didn’t hold miracle services! They didn’t preach on how to get healed. They didn’t preach about how to be free from devils. Their first and primary message was, “Repent” Mark 6:12

The first, and primary message of the church in the Book of Acts was “repent”.

Yet today in too many churches the word “repent” is never preached, never heard, and never talked about. And even if it was, the people wouldn’t know what it means! Nor would they know what constitutes a sin worthy of repentance.

We need to get back to the age-old message that has been tried and true from the fall of man until now – turn from your pride, your religiosity, your demonic addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, your filthy language, your sexual immorality, your murderous hatred and disregard for innocent human life.

Consider this:

I have held numerous open-air services in the past. Open-air services are the most difficult to manage because first you have to try to get a crowd. Second, you have to try to retain that crowd. It is very easy for anyone to walk away. The first time they hear something they don’t link – they walk away. Its easy to walk away. Not like in a church where the congregation is captive. Open-air services are very free.

Most of the time, Jesus held open-air services. And Jesus didn’t butter-up anybody. In fact, Jesus always taught hard and heavy. He regularly called people hypocrites, and a vast assortment of other names. Once he even called his audience “sons of Satan”. That sure beats the idea that all are “children of God”, doesn’t it?

That is not to mention that Jesus taught a lot of hard things to accept. He wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. Neither was He as nice as a lot of people like to think. Jesus continually stirred up anger time and time again – to the point where the people wanted to kill him!

That said, Jesus healed “them all”. But who are “them all”? Those are the ones who were able to stand His teachings. Those are the ones who accepted His hard teachings without being offended. Those are the ones who knew Jesus primary message (repentance), heard His hard sayings, and yet stuck around! … when it was easy to walk away.

Key 5 – Diet

This key builds upon Key 4. When Jesus “healed all”, who were they?

We must not overlook the fact that these were Jews. And these people were people who were under the Jewish law of Moses, which was very strict in its dietary regulations.

Today, medical science can back up much if not all of the the dietary laws in the law of Moses. In short, the law of Moses forbids the consumption of unclean foods, pigs, scavengers, blood, and fat. God puts a great emphasis on putting only “clean” substances in our bodies.

We can pretty much bank on the fact that the people whom Jesus healed were all those who adhered to these dietary laws. In fact it was the law of the land. None of those who were all healed were consumers of pork, scavenger meats, blood, or fat.

Yet today we invite everyone – pig eaters, alcoholics, druggies, fat consumers, and smokers into our “healing services” and expect God to heal them!

What is wrong with this picture?

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