Statement of Faith

We Believe:

  1. That our doctrine can be better represented by reviewing all of our doctrine via various media outlets. Not by an generic, incomplete, and over-simplified “Statement of Faith” as many Christian organizations have today.
  2. That a Statement of Faith is nothing more than dumbed-down doctrine, and serves no good use other than to compartmentalize and divide people.
  3. That God gives everyone a measure of intelligence, and that a person must utilize their intelligence to it’s fullest to study, and comprehend the ancient scriptures for themselves, rather than solely leaning on the knowledge of others.
  4. NOT in a Statement of Faith.

For those of you who wish to further investigate, and understand what we believe, take time and study. Not just by reading one article. Not just by watching part of a video. But by dedicating lots of time to study (a) what we know, and (b) why we choose to take the position we do.

Remember, the wisdom of Solomon teaches us, if you answer a matter before you hear it out fully – you are a fool!

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