Faith Without Works vs Satan

You believe in God?
You believe Jesus died on the cross?
You believe Jesus rose again?
You read the Bible?
You pray?
You go to church?

You must be a Christian? WRONG! Try again!

Satan knows there is a God.
Satan knows Jesus died on the cross.
Satan knows Jesus rose again.
Satan knows the Bible.
Satan prays. Satan is at the throne day and night praying, accusing the brethren. The scriptures speak of many conversations Satan had with God. Satan speaks with God. God speaks directly to him. Sadly, many so called “Christians” are striving to have that kind of communication with God!

And yes, Satan even shows up at church.

It takes A LOT MORE than believing in God, believing Jesus died on the cross, and rose again, reading the Bible, praying, and going to church. Satan does all those things.

What makes you better than Satan?

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